It all started in the 19th and 20th centuries when waves of immigrants from Europe, eager to find a place to live and work, settled in Southern Brazil. They brought with them know-how in crafts and horticulture. Many immigrants became gauchos and their descendants to date still maintain many of the gauchos’ characteristics, such as their food, clothing and entertainment.

The vast plains of the Southern region of Brazil are called the Rio Grande do Sul. This area is cattle country; the nutrient rich prairie is grazing heaven. The Gauchos, or South American cowboys, would prepare a feast for their families by slow roasting the various cuts of meats over an open flame pit. There would be seasonal greens and vegetable dishes using native ingredients. Rice and beans were an important part of this meal, as were the fruits of the region. The roasted meats were brought around to each family, offering the best of the gaucho’s herd. They carved meats at each table in a show of skill and festive gift giving.

The gauchos of Brazil have formed a culture of their own, complete with its own cuisine, traditions and love of the land of South America.

At Brisas do Sul Churrascaria, we continue this tradition of centuries-old grilling, preparing, seasoning, serving fresh cuts of meats and “Farm to Fork” gourmet salads, as well as delicious fresh seasonal fruits and cheeses to your table. Classic and specialty cocktails, an extensive National and International craft beer list, North and South American wines served by a welcoming team to enhance and complete the experience.

We celebrate the evolving of South Brazil today while honoring its culinary traditions. Brisas do Sul (Breese from the South) is an elegant fine dining restaurant. Our ambience, culinary, tradition and outstanding hospitality services will deliver a well-orchestrated ride

that plays with colors, textures, temperatures, flavors leading you to experience your five senses at the same time.

Each visit is an occasion, marking a milestone or simply celebrating the everyday. The experience is always a moment to be remembered.

At Brisas do Sul it’s a fine dining restaurant in Folsom, Ca, where you can indulge and experience South of Brazil.